Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful
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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

My husband and I wanted to add an addition to our home for years before we finally decided to act on the idea. However, we then realized that we desperately needed to update our kitchen, as well. Before we started the remodeling process, we prepared for what we expected: stress. We made sure we cleared our calendars and didn't have any other major commitments during the remodeling process. However, once we began planning the renovations, we quickly learned that we were actually having a lot of fun! The renovation process also went very smoothly and, now that the process is over, we both joke around that it feels "too quiet" in hear without the company of the contractors. I enjoyed t all so much I decided to start a blog to share my remodeling tips to help others who will soon be taking the plunge!

Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

  • When To Replace Your Home's Fuse Box

    14 December 2014

    Your fuse box, often hidden in the basement or some other out of the way area, is the control center for your entire electrical system. Even if you aren't having any issues with your electricity, it's a good idea to have the box inspected if it was installed before 1990 or if you are having electrical problems. Outdated Boxes Outdated boxes can pose a fire hazard, because they don't cycle off when the breaker becomes overloaded.

  • Three Costly Mistakes Homeowners Make When Cleaning The Vinyl Siding Of Their Home

    12 December 2014

    Vinyl siding happens to be one of the most popular home siding choice for a variety of reasons. It's cost effective, easy to install, and can last for many years. However, vinyl siding is prone to attracting dirt that just wants to grab on and stay in place. Furthermore, the vinyl material is a moss attractant that can cause the appearance of green, grimy scum on shaded parts of the home.

  • Preventing Windshield Damage

    12 December 2014

    If your windshield has already been slightly cracked or completely shattered, you will want to know how to prevent your car windshield replacement from being damaged in the future. If you have not yet had an incident that lead to you needing windshield repair, you can keep your windshield in safe, working conditions by following these tips.  Be Mindful of Your Parking Think carefully about the places that you choose to park your car.

  • How To Really Get Rid Of Those Windshield Streaks and Specks

    12 December 2014

    Washing a car windshield shouldn't be a difficult task, but many people end up with streaky, spotty windshields despite their best efforts. They try to repeatedly clean the glass, only to end up with the same problems. While the cleaning process can be simple, it's not always intuitive. These three little changes will make the job a lot easier! Avoid Ammonia The first is to stop using ammonia-based cleaners on tinted windows.

  • Choosing A Roof To Minimize The Risk Of Collapse

    11 December 2014

    Snow comes down in fluffy flurries. When you watch snow fall like flakes of cotton from the sky, you might not think that those tiny snowflakes could ever cause your home to collapse, but in areas where snow builds up several feet deep, building collapse can be a real concern. In order to make sure that your home is safe, you need to choose a roof that will help you to minimize the risk of collapse.