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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

3 Reasons To Choose Cedar For Your Pool's Privacy Fence

Lee Hunt

A wooden privacy fence around your pool provides you with a relaxing grotto in which to lie back on a pool raft and enjoy the sun. However, not all types of wood are suitable for building a fence around a pool—after all, it will be exposed to significant amounts of moisture, which can allow fungus to begin growing or cause the planks on the fence to war.

Thankfully, cedar is commonly used in fence construction and can withstand the harsh conditions experienced by pool fencing. You won't have to worry about it rotting or warping, and it's easy to maintain. Read on for three reasons to choose cedar for your pool's privacy fence.

1. Cedar Wood Is Water-Resistant

Pool fences are subject to substantial amounts of moisture. Water from the pool will splash on them, high winds can pick up a spray from the pool and deposit it on the fence and the area around the pool will be very high in humidity due to water vapor rising around the pool. Because of this, it's important that your pool fence is water-resistant.

Water resistance is where cedar shines, compared to other woods. Cedar has a naturally high oil content, which repels water and prevents humidity from damaging a cedar wood fence. In addition, the high oil content of cedar keeps insects away and prevents fungus from growing. Other types of wood, such as pressure-treated pine and spruce, are much less suited for pool fencing—the constant assault of high humidity and pool water will quickly cause them to warp. Water resistance makes cedar the perfect choice of wood for a pool fence.

2. Cedar Provides Excellent Soundproofing

Compared to other types of wood commonly used for fencing, cedar is very heavy. This provides a cedar wood fence with excellent soundproofing capabilities—sounds have difficulty traveling through a thick, heavy cedar fence. Soundproofing is an important concern for pool fences.

If children will be playing in your pool, they can feel free to play without worrying about potentially annoying neighbors with their noise. When you want to relax in your pool, you don't have to worry about overhearing your neighbors mowing their lawns or working in their garages. A cedar wood privacy fence blocks both sight and sound, making it an excellent choice to enclose a pool.

3. Cedar Is Easy to Maintain

When you install a pool fence made of spruce or pressure-treated pine, you'll need to constantly repaint it—the high moisture levels around the pool will cause the fence to warp, leading to chipped and cracked paint. The constant need for repainting can quickly become an annoyance.

Cedar, on the other hand, requires very little maintenance. All you need to do is to periodically apply a stain to the fence—for a pool fence, it's best to do this every year or two. The purpose of the stain isn't to waterproof the fence (because cedar has this property naturally), but rather to help the cedar retain its natural shine. You won't need to paint your cedar wood fence or perform any other maintenance tasks aside from staining, making a cedar pool fence a very low-maintenance choice.

Cedar's natural water resistance and ease of maintenance make it the perfect choice of wood for your pool fence. If you're interested in the benefits of cedar, contact a fence contractor that installs cedar wood fencing and provide them with the dimensions of your pool—you'll have to pay a premium for cedar compared to other types of wood, but it's the best choice for fencing in your pool.