Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful
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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Choosing The Right Size Submersible Pump For Your New Well

Lee Hunt

When you install a new well on your property, it's a given that you will need a submersible well pump if you want to deliver the water to your home. However, what's not so clear is what type of well pump you need, particularly when it comes to the size of the pump. Installing a pump that is not sized correctly will lead to functionality issues, and even impact the rate at which water can be delivered to your home. Make sure you know how to size a submersible well pump for your needs. 

Well Size

The first factor for you to consider when examining the size of the well pump you need for your home is the size of the well, in terms of depth. As a general rule, the greater the depth of the water, the larger the pump. 

If you choose a pump that is on the smaller side based on the size of the pump, you might not run into any issues with the function of the pump and your water delivery. However, if you ignore this guideline and choose a pump that is too large based on the size of the well pump, you will run into problems. 

A submersible well pump can only work correctly when it is completely submerged in the water. When it is not, only a small amount of water will flow into the pump, which will ultimately limit the amount of water that flows into your home. You will need to have the depth of the well verified for accuracy before you can select a pump.

Water Usage

The amount of water usage you anticipate in your home is also essential when it comes to sizing a water pump. When it comes to water well delivery, usage needs are based on flow rate. The flow rate is a guideline for the number of gallons per minute that need to be delivered to a home for all their fixtures to work correctly. 

To determine this rate, the first factor that has to be assessed is the size of the home. Typically, the larger the house, the higher the flow rate it requires. Another factor is the number of fixtures and water-based appliances the home has. 

For example, a four-bedroom home with two laundry rooms, a hot tub, and four bathrooms will have a higher flow rate than another four-bedroom home with one laundry room, no hot tub, and only three bathrooms. To determine your water usage needs, you will need to analyze the flow rate for each of your water-based fixtures. 

If you have concerns about choosing the appropriate well pump for your needs, it's best to contact a well professional for assistance. For more information, contact companies like Modern Pump & Equipment.