Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful
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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

My husband and I wanted to add an addition to our home for years before we finally decided to act on the idea. However, we then realized that we desperately needed to update our kitchen, as well. Before we started the remodeling process, we prepared for what we expected: stress. We made sure we cleared our calendars and didn't have any other major commitments during the remodeling process. However, once we began planning the renovations, we quickly learned that we were actually having a lot of fun! The renovation process also went very smoothly and, now that the process is over, we both joke around that it feels "too quiet" in hear without the company of the contractors. I enjoyed t all so much I decided to start a blog to share my remodeling tips to help others who will soon be taking the plunge!

Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Why French Doors Should Be In Your Home Remodeling Plans

Lee Hunt

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Do you want to make your house unique, different from similar houses in your neighborhood? Sometimes, small things can make a big difference in the atmosphere of a home. One small change that you might want to consider is swapping one or more of your regular doors for French doors. There are many advantages to having these doors in your home, some of which can be found by continuing to read.

Open up rooms: Ordinary doors block light, potentially making a room feel dark and cavernous. If instead of ordinary doors, you have a sliding glass door to exit into your backyard, light can enter but typically only one half of the door can be opened at one time. French doors contain many small panes of glass, making them a very large window. This obviously allows light to enter a room, even when the doors are closed. If you want to have airflow, you can open up both sides of a set of French doors, something that cannot be done with ordinary sliding glass doors.

Add privacy: Interior French door usage can add privacy without making a room feel closed off from the rest of the house. If you like to watch TV or play video games in your living room after your children go to bed, you may worry about the noise waking them up. It may feel ridiculous to install an ordinary house door in your living room to shut out the sounds, but French doors can be different. They will allow your living room to continue to feel open and inviting, while still allowing you to close it off when needed. 

Save energy: While not universally true, it can sometimes save you money on your heating and cooling bills to block off certain rooms. You'll need to discuss this with your local heating and cooling professional since there are systems that will actually be less energy efficient when certain areas of the home are divided. Some rooms, such as your living room, take a lot of energy to heat and cool when you're not even using them. Your kitchen is another room that you may want to close off if you're not actually using it. French doors can provide some insulation, blocking airflow between rooms as necessary. This may result in a huge savings in the future on your gas or electric bills. If you're looking for a way to have a "greener" and more energy-efficient home, having interior French doors installed by a company like Fas Windows and Doors may be a good place to start.