Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful
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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

How To Handle Tree Troubles: What You Should Know

Lee Hunt

When you own a home with landscaping that includes trees, you may not think much of troubles you may have with your trees in the future. After all, you may take for granted the fact that your trees will always be there and remain strong and healthy indefinitely. This assumption is not necessarily correct, though. Trees are living creatures, a fact that many people realize but fail to fully understand. As living creatures, trees can die, fall ill, get infested, or suffer injuries. So, get to know a few of the steps you can take to handle troubles your trees may experience to try to keep them alive and healthy for as long as possible. 

Dealing With Infestations

Just like humans can suffer from scabies or lice, trees can suffer from infestations of mites or insects as well. Bark beetles and borers are the most common infestations experienced across various species of trees.

Bark beetles tend to reproduce inside of the inner bark of trees and damage the trees in the process. Many of these species also attack the trees in which they live. Borers, on the other hand, actually bore or tunnel into the inner layer of bark and beyond. 

You can treat such infestations with chemicals that can eradicate small infestations of bark beetles or borers. Large infestations, however, may require that you fell the tree completely. If you opt to use chemicals, you can choose between sprays and tree injections. Sprays are applied superficially and coat the bark of the tree in the chemical treatments. For bark beetles, this may be the best solution. However, borers may be even better treated through tree injections. 

Tree injections involve using tubing to inject chemicals below the inner layer of the bark into the the system of the tree that transports water and nutrients throughout the body of the tree, to treat the infestation and kill off the invading insects. 

Dealing With Disease

Many species of trees are affected by diseases specific to that type of tree. What is common to tree diseases is that they are often fungal infections spread from tree to tree through root or other forms of contact. These tree diseases can be difficult to diagnose and treat without felling the tree entirely.

If you notice strange markings on your tree that look like wounds (areas where the bark is worn away and are leaking fluid) or patches of inexplicably wilted leaves, your tree may be affected by such a disease. If the wilting and the wounds appear to spread, then you should call a tree service immediately.

They will be able to run the necessary diagnostic tests to determine if your tree is suffering from an infection and how to proceed if it is. You will likely have to strip away the bark of your trees from soil level up several feet or may even have to remove a portion or all of your tree. 

Tree troubles are common among homeowners, although many homeowners do not realize they are possible, let alone happening. If you are aware of the potential problems your trees can encounter, you will be able to handle them quickly and efficiently.