Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful
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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Unique Tile Flooring Ideas For Your Bathroom

Lee Hunt

Are you building or remodeling a bathroom? If so, you're probably considering your flooring options. Perhaps you've already settled on tile. Rather than opt for traditional tile flooring, consider adding unique interest with your bathroom floor design.

Mosaic Border

A low-key option is having a mosaic border installed. The border can be all the way around, or simply highlight one area of the room. This option works best if you've chosen monochromatic tiles for the full floor. Simply have that hue highlighted in the mosaic while also pulling colors out from the rest of the bathroom color palette.

Tile Rug

The next step from a mosaic border is having an entire mosaic done in the tile floor. In this case, the mosaic takes on the look of a tile rug. For this option, you can go simple, sticking well within the color scheme. If you have a neutral-hued bathroom, though, consider a more complementary tile rug with an intricate design and rich colors.

Geometric Style

For a modern bathroom, one possibility is playing with geometry. Use a neutral color palette, and layer shapes for visual interest. Start with geometric tiles, such as hexagonal. Match these with a large, single-color shape such as a bathtub or vanity.

Marble Flooring

A luxurious option is having your floor tiled in marble. Marble is a durable, beautiful material with surprising color options. Light-colored marble makes your space look larger, so it's a good option for smaller bathrooms. Alternatively, select an area of the bathroom to highlight with richly-colored marble. If choosing marble, though, talk to your contractors about proper sealants to protect the precious material.

Angled Tiles

It's amazing how much of a difference changing the direction of the tiles makes. Having them installed at an angle to the rest of your bathroom is another way to play with geometry. This option works well with tile that already features some design, such as marble or limestone veins.

Chevron Design

A step beyond just angling your tiles is having them laid in a chevron pattern. This design adds an instant update to an understated color scheme. Select narrow tiles in analogous colors. The rest of the bathroom should feature clean, even rounded lines to let the tile work take center stage.

Tile River

Take the idea of a mosaic border or rug one step further, and have an organic shape installed in tile. If you want to channel a river, consider having a gentle arc of tile installed along the bathroom floor. Use tiny tiles for maximum impact. Alternatively, keep the look subtle by using the same size as in the rest of the floor but in a flowing pattern.

Go subtle with your tile in a mosaic border or luxurious marble. Go big with your tile in a chevron design or geometric style. As you plan your bathroom's design, consider adding unique appeal with the tile flooring.

For more information on installing the tile, contact a local contractor such as Interiors Plus.