Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful
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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

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Home Remodeling Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

New Property Surrounded By An Aluminum Fence? Learn How To Properly Care For It

Lee Hunt

If you've just purchased your first home and it has an aluminum fence, such as from Carter Fence Co., you probably love the appeal it brings to your outdoor space. But there are some care instructions that you should know about. This guide explains what type of care your aluminum fence and the surrounding area needs and how to go about the process.

Trimming Around the Fence

Use a gas powered or electric weed trimmer once a week or so to remove unwanted weeds. Trim carefully so that the aluminum doesn't rip the trimmer line. Hold the trimmer far enough away so that the tip of the line clips the weeds as close to the fence as possible, without chipping away at the paint on the bottom of the fence.

Cleaning the Fence

Brush off loose debris from your fence with a broom. Fill a bucket with water and a mild detergent. Then wipe down the fence with a rag soaked in the soapy water. Rinse off the soap with a garden hose when finished. Work in sections, washing and rinsing so the soap doesn't have the opportunity to dry on the aluminum from the sun.

Caution: Resist the temptation to use a pressure washer on your aluminum fence. Even though aluminum is a beautiful option, and pressure washing is a fast way to clean, aluminum does not hold up well to the kind of pressure that these types of cleaning tools provide.

Painting the Fence

Paint your aluminum fence in a couple of days. Dedicate one day to sanding loose paint and any imperfections with course-grit sandpaper attached to a sanding block. Keep the sandpaper off the block to reach around the curves of post-type aluminum fencing. Rinse off sawdust and loose paint chips with a garden hose and then allow the fence to dry.  

Rake the area around the bottom of the fence to remove any loose grass or weeds, so that they won't get mixed in with the paint. Lay down a tarp at the bottom of the fence to protect your paint job further. Then apply a coat of primer over the fence with a paintbrush or roller, moving the tarp as you work your way along the fence. Allow the fence to dry overnight.

Paint the fence using your choice of outdoor aluminum paint, a brush or a roller. Move the tarp along with you as you go. Use even strokes, working your way from the bottom up. Apply a second coat after the first one is dry if you desire a deeper color.

Caution: Keep pets and children away from the area that you're painting until the job's complete and the paint dries.

Have some patience when caring for and painting your aluminum fence. Ask your fencing professionals for help if you notice stains that you can't remove or if you run into problems with trimming or painting. Share this with others who just bought their first home and need to know how to care for an aluminum fence.